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Harbourside Accident Repair Ltd
Harbourside Accident Repair Ltd
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Estimate and claims process.
Q: How do I get an estimate prior to the repairs being carried out?
A: We can provide a free detailed estimate at our premises, however if the car is un roadworthy we can come to you by appointment.

Q: What documents will I need to bring with me?
A: If you require our assistance in dealing with your insurance company please bring your policy details a copy of claim form (if available). We will provide help with filling out insurance claims, if necessary.

Q: My car cannot be driven, how can I get it to you?
A: We can collect your car, leave a courtesy car, undertake the repair and deliver it back to you. This service may be subject to charges, please check with us first.

Q: I'm worried how much it will cost. Is it expensive?
A: Your insurance company will settle the bill directly with us minus the excess which you pay on collection. If we are undertaking work for yourself we will endeavour when possible to repair items rather than just fitting new panels if it is cheaper to do so.

Q: Will you tell me the cost beforehand?
A: We always estimate the cost of every repair before we undertake the job. If you are to pay the bill, we will make sure that you are given an accurate estimate beforehand and keep you informed of any supplementary cost that may arise.

Repair booking and progression
Q: How long will it take before you can start the work?
A: We will carry out repairs as soon as we have authorisation from the insurer.

Q: How long will the repair take?
A: We will contact you to advise of the date we expect to complete the repair. This date may change during the repair process normally due to parts delays or additional parts required, you will however always be kept fully informed. There are many other factors that can affect this date but we aim to get your vehicle back to you as soon as possible.

Q: Will you carry out all the repairs estimated?
A: Normally yes, but insurance claims are subject to your insurance company approval.

Q: Will my car be driven by your staff?
A: Yes for collection and redelivery and for certain types of repairs we will also road test cars after the repair process.

Payments required
Q: How much will I be liable to pay myself?
A: From the outset, we will examine your level of cover and notify you of any excess that may be required by your insurance company. Under most agreements this is a one-off payment of a minimal fixed amount. However, some claims may be subject to VAT and/or betterment charges imposed by your insurer. You should be notified of these in advance by your insurer.

Q: How can I pay?
A: By cash, personal cheque up to the value of the card guarantee or by any UK major credit/debit card. For corporate customers who wish to open an account, the application must be cleared before any credit can be extended.

After sales guarantee
Q: How long do you guarantee repairs for?
A: All repairs are guaranteed for 12 months (subject to the service level agreement with your insurer). Please note: service items, such as friction materials, are guaranteed only against faulty manufacturer or fitting.

Q: What if something goes wrong later on?
A: Complete customer satisfaction is our priority. Should there be any problem at all with your car once our repairs are completed, you can return it to us under guarantee and we'll sort out the problem immediately.

Replacement/courtesy cars
Q: Will I get a courtesy car?
A: Subject to your insurer, we can normally organise a courtesy car for you free of charge.

Q: What if I damage your courtesy car?
A: You will be liable for any damage (including scuffs, soiled trim or third party damage). You are also responsible for any fixed penalty notices, speeding fines and/or congestion charges whilst the vehicle is issued to you. Any unpaid fines notified to ourselves will incur additional management charges.

Q: Can I take the courtesy car abroad or on extended travel?
A: You are normally limited to 50 miles per day and vehicles are not to be taken abroad without express written permission from Harbourside Accident Repair Ltd.

Q: Who can drive the courtesy car?
A: The same person(s) named on your insurer policy document, provided they hold a full current driving licence. The courtesy car must be insured by yourself which is normally just a quick phone call to your current insurer.

Q: Do I have to pay for fuel in the loan car?
A: Yes, please return the loan car with the same amount of fuel and in a clean condition.

Q: Can I have a like for like vehicle replacement?
A: Insurers normally only stipulate a group A car. However, we can accommodate upgrades at an additional charge and would be subject to written authorisation from your insurers.